KlickData LMS

A learning management system that makes the difference

For companies to establish an online Academy with unlimited possibilities

Anything in need for training that is a perfect fit for your organization in 20 minutes

Certification on every staff member on the specific requirements needed

Create a course within 10 minutes with full admin support and Course Plan schedule

Use 28 years of award winning experience from a top edge solution EdTech company

Common questions and answers

What is KLMS?
KlickData LMS: KLMS as we call it is a Learning Management System for Companies, Educational Institutions and Govermental Bodies. As well as for Tutors to offer Online training
How does it work?
Sign up for an account in KlickData KLMS to test. We offer a solution for your company need for digital online learning strategies.
How long have you been in business!
KlickData started in 1992 with digital recorded video tutorials and has been a successful company in Scandinavia, the Worlds leading area for high tech educational online solutions. Educating millions of users in software training and helping organizations to use internet for staff training.